Dr. Andrew Killen treats a myriad of health problems using Acupuncture and Hypnosis. He is expertly trained in these and other disciplines. He is an experienced British and US licensed and board certified medical doctor (M.D.) who enjoys practicing non-traditional techniques to help open minded patients.  He obtained his Masters degree in Chinese and Oriental Medicine in 2008 and has had a successful practice for many years. Dr. Killen has helped hundreds of patients with his easy going and friendly approach.

What our clients are saying

Best place to get acupuncture in Connecticut! “I am now a firm believer that acupuncture is a very valuable and effective tool in keeping pain and stress under control without medications! I would recommend Dr. Andrew Killen to anyone that is looking for professional acupressure treatment in the Shelton, CT area.”

U.H. – 2021

“Dr. Killen’s calm, competent and compassionate demeanor greatly enhances the results of his medical skills. It is great that my treatments are covered by my insurance provider. Hands down the best acupuncture practice in the Shelton, CT area. Thank you Andrew Killen MD.”

Anonymous – 2020

“Dr. K is amazing! The acupuncture treatments have helped control the pain I have. I love that Andrew Killen is amazing at what he does and that my insurance covers my visits.”

Jane S. – 2019

“Dr. Killen is a top diagnostician and a skilled practitioner in the field of acupuncture. He has been treating my neuropathy, and I can feel my feet again for the first time in a long time. I have found The Healing Practice to be the best place to get acupuncture treatments in Connecticut.”

Bob – 2019

“I used to have a phobia of needles and was reluctant to try acupuncture. When I met Andrew Killen he put me at ease about this and it’s really quite miraculous how he helps me with my anxiety, aches and pain. Having acupuncture once a week has been incredibly healing for my mind, body andContinue reading “Aj – 2018”

Aj – 2018

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